Flying Tiger

My mom discovered a European chain of stores called Flying Tiger Copenhagen while she was in Germany this spring.  They have a few locations in New York, but we were too busy with the kiddos to squeeze in a trip.  I was pacified when I discovered that there was a location not two blocks from

Grocery Shopping

My first order of business on my first day in London was grocery shopping. (Well, that’s not quite true.  First up was a shower, which I always appreciate after a day of travel.  Then came an English muffin (a muffin?) for breakfast because I was starving.  Then came stopping at a store on my way


Despite a tedious journey to get here that included… My flight being delayed by 4.5 hours Oddly persistent low-level turbulence, which led to Persistent low-level nausea A two-hour wait at customs in Heathrow Which took so long that the luggage carousels were no longer labeled for our flight so I had to search multiple stacks

RIP, Old Car

So, remember how I was all stubborn and stiffnecked and ready to fight to keep my old Vibe going? Yeah. The day after I got the registration paperwork reissued at the DMV, my insurance called and told me they were declaring it a total loss. I had kinda expected that.  Enough so that I was

Nephew Sleepover 2018

Jack and Sam spent the night at my house the weekend before last. Our adventures included: A trip to Lowe’s for blinds for one of my summer projects A trip to Barnes and Noble for the boys to each pick out a new book (I love that Jack’s such a good reader and has moved


I did something to my middle finger while moving that’s caused it to swell up and occasionally not open up right away from a fist. A bit of Googling told me it’s an inflamed tendon known as trigger finger and I should go see a doctor. “Bah!” I scoffed. There were no bones I could