Let’s all admire the beautiful pottery I’ve bought and validate my spending, shall we? As you saw in my last post, I held out strong through three pottery stores (four if you count the random super-hippie roadside one we found mid-drive) before giving in to peer pressure.  At the Burleigh factory store I first fell for this peacock

A Letter to Myself

Dear Myself, You know what’s not a good souvenir?  Books. Yes, books are wonderful.  You love them, you crave them, they bring you happiness and such. But books are also heavy, and you are traveling via airplane and there is a weight limit for luggage. I know, I know.  You start off small.  You just

Bodnant Gardens

We drove further north with a jaunt through Snowdonia National Park this morning and arrived at Bodnant Gardens in the later morning. I’ll let Jason provide the more detailed explanations and stick with my review – these were stunning. Every section revealed new delights and even through we had missed the peak of the roses

Powis Castle and Gardens

Road trip! Jason took Friday off work (hooray!) and we picked up our rental car at St. Pancras Station and got out of town. It was a relief after the heat. The day before was the hottest yet, hitting 96 degrees. Hot, yes, but so much worse in a humid city that doesn’t do air

I Guess This Is Goodbye Old Pal

I got these shoes ages ago: They became my go-to travel sandals, taking me across five continents. Alas, their time came to an end. The left one’s heel support collapsed in the middle, giving me all kinds of new blisters on this trip. I was sticking it out since I didn’t have any great sandal

National Portrait Gallery

While chatting with my parents, they mentioned that I should check out the Tudor room at the National Portrait Gallery. “Take a selfie with Elizabeth!” were my dad’s exact words, in fact. So I did. Somehow I keep forgetting how much I enjoy portrait galleries. There’s something about having so many people looking at you.