Super Handy!

It’s really convenient when you need to teach the myth about Horus seeking revenge on Set in two weeks and you just happen to visit a temple dedicated to Horus that’s located in Edfu where Horus fought with Set and the nice Egyptians carved the story on the walls of the temple a couple thousand

On the Nile

After two days (ish) in Luxor, we’ve officially set sail on our cruise down the Nile. There’s no WiFi on board (or, rather, there’s WiFi that our guide warned us was really pricey and really slow), so this will be a shorter post than usual. Luxor’s great. The city is much prettier than Cairo and

The Egyptian Museum

Our first day started with breakfast at the hotel. The waiter tried many times to get us juice, but when we kept declining his offers, he instead brought us fattoush – pastry with clotted cream, cinnamon, and honey: We met our guide for the day in the lobby and were soon joined by an expat


I arrived at LHR for a five hour layover after an uneventful flight. Since I did technically go outdoors to change terminals, I think I can count this as a two-continent trip. I met up with this charming fellow: and we had lunch before boarding our flight to Cairo. Turns out getting out of the

Spring Break 2018

I’m at DIA about to board a flight to London where I’ll rendezvous with Monsieur Davis to fly to Egypt! Hurrah! After an emotionally brutal three weeks, this is much need and much anticipated. Well, the sights and the company are much anticipated. The weather not so much…. which is a pretty big difference from

The Right Question

Setting:  The Auditorium.  Two weeks until the musical (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee).  I’m running rehearsal.  Andrew, who plays Chip, runs up to me at the front of the stage. ANDREW:  Waterhouse, do we have any saws here? ME: Um… not really.  We have one, but the teeth are like this.  I weave my

London Wrap-Up

It snowed when we left Edinburgh, creating landscapes where the sheep only stood out in the snow by being a slightly different shade of white. Back in London, we visited the Borough Market for fish and chips, goat milk ice cream (cherry, almond, and pistachio flavored), and doughnuts. The afternoon was spent at the V&A