Begone, Illness!

I am finally (FINALLY) getting over this malady.  I’m pretty sure I caught it on the plane back from Australia and I’m pretty sure it’s bronchitis.  In the last week I discovered that my lungs could whistle, squeak, and crackle.  Sometimes all in one breath! I slept a lot, usually double-teaming it with a humidifier

Scene: Theatre Class Students are working in pairs or groups of three to find short scenes to memorize and perform for the class.  I approach a group of three boys, crowded around a laptop. Me: How’s the scene search? Them: Good. Me: What scene are you looking at doing? Them: Pointing collectively to the laptop screen 

Not Quite Back

I was supposed to go back to work today, but called in sick when I woke up with nausea and a fever on top of the cough and headache I’d gone to bed with. Today and tomorrow are filled with meetings with a little bit of time set aside for us to get ready for


Saturday we headed to the airport to pick up a rental car. Jason was the driver, naturally, and he does an admirable job sticking to the left… …once he gets started, that is. Our goal was the Southern Highlands, a day trip about two hours from Sydney touted for the national park, its waterfalls, and

A Quick Summary

Yesterday we… Toured the Opera House Visited the Museum of Contemporary Art People-watched along the harbor as we are ice cream Attended “Opéra’s Great Hits” at the opera house The show was fun, but not stunning opera. The host/piano player did a marvelous job working the crowd. I’m just glad we wound up seeing something


Happy Boxing Day! Guys, a Christmas Miracle occurred – I slept on the plane! It wasn’t great sleep, but the kind where you dip in and out of consciousness, but still! After being startled awake at one point I decided to check the flight status. To my surprise, there was just over 4 hours left,