Mog Update

I pick cats who are excellent at hide ‘n’ seek. Nash disappeared for four days when I first got her. I eventually found her behind the dishwasher and pulled her out with Emily and Ben’s help. Miss Mog disappeared Saturday night. I searched a little, but not extensively. She visited me briefly sometime in the

A New Friend

I got a new friend! I’ve been thinking about getting a new cat for a few weeks. It started when my therapist pointed out that I may be avoiding forming attachments to people in order to protect myself from the pain of losing them. We were talking about Maggie in particular, but it also struck

Dear Sub

I had a district meeting yesterday, and came back to generally positive sub notes aside from a couple of students.  I’ve had disruption problems from these same students all term (quelle surprise), so I asked those students to write a letter of apology to the sub for me to email to her.      


I tried to leave my house last night to go to Rachel’s for her annual Oscar party, but found I couldn’t open my front door. I had been having trouble with the deadbolt, which I diagnosed as a reaction to the frigid temperatures. The doorknob itself had also been temperamental as the spring inside was

The Kitchen Sink

A few years ago, the sprayer hose on my kitchen sink stopped working. About a year ago, the plastic soap bottle mounted underneath the sink snapped off. Two weeks ago, the faucet stopped turning all the way off without my twisting it and jiggling it just right. So I ordered myself a new faucet set