Illness Update

By the way, Tut’s curse lingers.  The conjunctivitis cleared up, but I got tonsillitis, lost my voice, and had a coughing fit bad enough to induce vomiting.  Luckily, I was in the parking lot at school for that one. I’m feeling better today, at least energy-wise.  I made it through school today AND felt good

Martyr to the Cause

The news is out – I took a job at a new school for next year. Many of you patiently bore my decision-making process and the necessary spreadsheets (yes, plural).  The job application itself was rather happenstance.  Rachel called me up a few months ago to see if I wanted to join her and some

Tut’s Curse

Legend has it that on the day Howard Carter discovered Tut’s tomb, a cobra slithered into Carter’s pet canary’s cage and devoured the bird.  Thus fell the first victim to the curse of Tut’s tomb. Fast forward 95.5 years to a hot day in March in the Valley of the Kings.  Jason and I, your

Last Day!

Short version since we have to get up for the airport in five hours: Market: Citadel: Coptic Church: Easter gift bought from a girl in an alley for me from our guide: Lunch: Shopping! Goodbye, Cairo!

On the Nile and At the Movies

Friday morning we met our guide early to take a smaller boat up the river. It was lovely and peaceful and a wonderful way to spend our last morning in Upper Egypt. After checking out the flora and fauna we docked at the Nubian village that was created for the people whose homes were wiped

Thursday in Photos

A sandstorm cancels our trip to Abu Simbel alI by with flights and school across Egypt: We spend the morning reading a bit Then drive to see the High Dam that officially “tamed the Nile” And buy textiles. After lunch and naps, we take a short walk along the river at sunset: Then go to