First Day

I have taught exactly one full day of classes and I’m exhausted. I am not giving up hope for this year, though.  It will be harder, but it doesn’t feel impossible and there are some bright points. Our district is moving towards more of an inclusive school model.  Given how small we are and the

Misty Monday

Celebrating a cool and rainy second-to-last day of summer with brunch with Lisa at a French cafe and making Belgian waffles to stock pile for future bleary-eyed breakfast treats. And to enjoy with a mug of hot chocolate while watching an old episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Road Trip!

Kristin, Twila, Meghan, and I miraculously managed to scrape together 3.5 days a few weeks ago to take a quick jaunt out to the Utah Shakespeare Festival. We stayed at an AirBnB that was filled with metal art, including a tub with several exposed copper pipes and gaskets to direct the water out of various

Dye Job

It’s been said plenty of times, but sisters are great.  Mine, for example, came over this afternoon to help me color my hair. Thanks to an open wound on my scalp, I haven’t done anything to it since April.  (I could put in photos here of said wound swollen and oozing, since selfies are the

A Dirk Gently Shirt

A few years ago, Mom and I found a store in Stratford-Upon-Avon that had some bits of Liberty fabric on discount out front.  I was enamored of a jersey knit with an elephant print: They had less than a yard of it, but I figured there was enough for a scarf. This summer I came