I did something to my middle finger while moving that’s caused it to swell up and occasionally not open up right away from a fist. A bit of Googling told me it’s an inflamed tendon known as trigger finger and I should go see a doctor. “Bah!” I scoffed. There were no bones I could

Oh, Car.

Last Friday the check engine light came on. I wasn’t too concerned.  It came on right after I picked it up from all of the repairs from the snow accident.  The mechanics took a look and said it was the oxygen sensor which is particularly sensitive and is probably just acting up because they had

Car Woes Continue

Someone broke into my car Sunday night/Monday morning. They didn’t get much, but they did empty out my glove compartment so I’m replacing my registration, insurance cards, etc. Since my garage is currently housing my classroom/theater supplies, I’ve been parking in the lot for the complex. No windows were smashed, happily, but I found my

Goodbye, PCHS

Yesterday I introduced the main speaker at graduation, formally presented the class to the school board to close the ceremony, hauled one last load to my car, turn in my keys and paperwork to Mike, then drove away from Platte Canyon for the last time, at least as a teacher there. The ceremony went smoothly

End of Year Award

Now this is a title I can get behind: “Loudest Voice and Personality” Plus, that’s a pretty darn cute huskie they gave me. The nephews are going to enjoy it when they come for their annual sleepover. My new school’s mascot is the Patriots. I don’t think they’ll have plushies as cute.