The Right Question

Setting:  The Auditorium.  Two weeks until the musical (The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee).  I’m running rehearsal.  Andrew, who plays Chip, runs up to me at the front of the stage. ANDREW:  Waterhouse, do we have any saws here? ME: Um… not really.  We have one, but the teeth are like this.  I weave my

London Wrap-Up

It snowed when we left Edinburgh, creating landscapes where the sheep only stood out in the snow by being a slightly different shade of white. Back in London, we visited the Borough Market for fish and chips, goat milk ice cream (cherry, almond, and pistachio flavored), and doughnuts. The afternoon was spent at the V&A

Food Tour of Edinburgh

We met the guide for Secret Food Tours at St. Giles Cathedral: And started out with a delicious smoked haddock chowder and really good bread at Howies. Then came haggis, nips (turnips), and tatties (potatoes) with whiskey gravy at the Beehive Inn: It was good. Haggis isn’t something I’d order for itself, but it was

A Quick Trip North

Wednesday we got up a bit early to catch a train from Kings Cross to Edinburgh for a short getaway. It took a bit more than four hours, and we passed all kinds of enchanting landscapes that transitioned from snow to sun to sea. We had an AirBnB arranged near a park called The Meadows,

Boxing Day

Amy, Jason’s friend from NYU/DC and the last of our holiday travel group, arrived quite late, so we had a slower morning. Boxing Day was quieter than I expected, but Covent Garden was hopping. We got a late-ish lunch at Le Pain: Then went to see “Wilde Creatures” at the Vaudeville Theater: It was a