We left at 5:00 AM for today’s speech meet. The kids were quiet, dozing under blankets and jackets with headphones in. I spent the ride as I usually do – listening to podcasts and trying to find a comfortable position. I can’t sleep when I’m “on duty,” not because of any policy – I just

Now We Are 38

I had a delightful dinner with friends Monday and a quick visit from Rachel and the boys (with cookies and pictures for my fridge) yesterday, but my actual birthday is being spent at Parent Teacher Conferences for the middle school. And you can tell exactly how productive those are by my writing a blog entry

Home Speech Meet!

Apparently I have a reputation among the Speech coaches of Colorado of being the most organized. I chalk it up to running a tight ship when I host meets. Consistently my meet is done hours ahead of others. I think it’s about 60% organization and 40% me prioritizing getting the meet done over being nice.