I realized yesterday while sitting in the salon chair that if I didn’t travel to nice places, I would be far less regular about my haircuts. I started growing out my hair for our trip to India last year so I could put it up in the heat. It was so nice I kept it

Late Night, Great Day

Just got back from a wonderful day trip to Chartres/Mont St. Michel!  It’s past 1 AM, though, so this is all you’re getting – two photos and reassurances that despite the riots/SWAT team stuff happening 1 block from our place, we had no idea until we looked up the news.  All safe, all well, all

Ste. Chapelle and Marais

We had planned on doing the Pompidou, but… Because of course there’s a strike. 🙂 So we went here instead: And found a great bookstore on the way there: And then we walked here Stopping for a selfie on the bridge: Where we had really great Israeli food: And then I found a store and